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Level Structure

The minigame's level files are a series of markup files using TOML that describe the information about that level, as well as the overall layout of the level's world. Level files have a root key level with two subkeys, map and config.

Configuration Fields

There are a few primary fields in the config entry of the TOML file:

  • name: The name of the level
  • check: A list of strings containing the requirements for completing the level
  • bugs: (Optional) The list of "intentional bugs" to enable in this level
  • allowed-blocks: A list of strings containing the allowed blocks that appear in the basic mode editor


allowed_blocks is deprecated and should not be used in future level configurations.


  • player-at-exit: Whether or not the player has reached the exit
  • player-collects-all: Whether or not the player has collected all of the coins

Allowed blocks

  • move: Directional movement blocks
  • collect: Collect coin clock
  • exit: Exit level block


  • missing-poweron-bind: The binding for poweron to collect is missing
  • collision-checks-fail: Collisions between walls or other objects is disabled
  • exit-changes-randomly: The location for the exit randomly changes

Map Construction

The map subkey contains a single value layout that contains a multiline string that describes the world using ASCII characters. An example is provided below:

%P . E%

Map Symbols

There are five acceptable characters to use when creating the layout string:

  • %: A wall
  • P: The player's starting position
  • .: A desk with a turned off computer
  • E: The exit block to stand on
  •  : An air block or null space
  • X: Void space


There are a few limitations regarding the world map string:

  • There cannot be more than one player or exit in a map.
  • Each line must have the same number of characters to keep a consistent size.

Example level configuration

name = "Example"
allowed-blocks = ["move", "exit"]
check = ["player-at-exit"]

layout = """
%%%%% %%%%%
%  P% %E  %
% %%% %%% %
% %%% %%% %
%         %