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The minigame backend for Unscripted

Fira is the main backend and API code for the minigame in Unscripted, a visual novel about software development. Fira provides many facets of the minigame, including a public API that players can use to code solutions to the minigame puzzles, a configuration and data generator from level files, and a virtual machine that runs low-level code that the minigame processes.

Not Available Yet

The Advanced Mode APIs for the minigame are currently not available in the release candidates of Unscripted. They will be made available in a future update.

Getting started

Fira comes pre-packaged in Unscripted but can be installed outside of the game to work better with IDEs and other Python tools such as Poetry.


Fira is both a Python 2 and Python 3 package and relies on the TOML Python package. These dependencies will be installed with the package, either from source or from PyPI.

Quick Start: Install on PyPI

Fira is available on PyPI and can be installed as such:

pip install uvn-fira

Install from source

To install Fira from the source code, first clone the repository from GitHub via git clone. You'll also need to install Poetry. In the root of the source, run the following commands:

poetry install
poetry build

The resulting wheel files will be available in the dist directory.