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Fira API

The api module contains all of the player-facing functions and classes used in the Advanced Mode of the Unscripted minigame. The Unscriped Minigame Application Programming Interface (API) allows players to directly manipulate the player's movements and actions while traversing in the minigame world using Python. The minigame's logic will handle translating any commands to display at the end of the script compilation.

Accessibility Warning

Although most (if not all) of the submodules in the parent package are publicly accessible, it is heavily encouraged that players make use of the standard utilities provided with the API module.

The documentation for some components in the core submodule are provided for reference namely, grid.CSWorldGrid and vm.CSMinigameWriter.


The api module comes with a few submodules that contain function and utilities for multiple aspects of the minigame:

  • player hosts all of the code related to manipulating the player in the minigame.
  • world hosts all of the code related to viewing and gathering information about the world in the minigame.
  • grid hosts a publicly available version of the internal grid system used for world generation.
  • info hosts all of the utilities to start writing code for levels.

Migrating from v1.x

The Fira API v2.x series is not exactly backwards-compatible with previous Fira API versions, nor is it backwards-compatible with older NadiaVM language files. The following sections provides tips for how to migrate code from the old Fira API version to newer versions. Namely, this will affect players that are migrating from the Unscripted Demo or older development builds of the game.

Using player.CSPlayer

The following methods are no longer available when using the player.CSPlayer object. It is recommended to change your code to use the new methods outlined.

  • CSPlayer.exit: Use player.CSPlayer.finish instead.
  • CSPlayer.collect: Use player.CSPlayer.toggle instead.

Using world.CSWorld

The following methods and properties are no longer available when using the world.CSWorld object. It is recommended to change your code to use the new methods and properties outlined.

  • CSWorld.coins: Use world.CSWorld.devices instead.

Using info.get_level_information

In older Fira API versions, info.get_level_information was the function used to get information about a world, the player, and to write code for the player to follow. This method can sometimes cause unexpected results with Python's native features and could potentially produce broken virutal machine code. A new class, info.MinigameLevel, attempts to resolve this issue. The class provides direct access to the virtual machine writers and allows players to write virtual machine code in a clean, elegant way without the abstraction overhead from other methods. info.MinigameLevel provides support for the with keyword and context manager in Python, allowing for clean and concise code.

with MinigameLevel(1) as vm, data:
    devices = data.devices().as_list()
    vm.alloc("world_coins", len(devices))
    vm.alloc("inventory", len(devices))
    for device in devices:
        vm.push("world_coins", devices.index(device))