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The Unscripted Documentation Center offers a centralized, easy-to-use place to browse and read up on documentation for Unscripted's in-house projects.

Current Projects


Unscripted Core is the core logic of the game that we've open-sourced to the public. As the game's development continues, this code is updated. The core contains features such as themes, minigame logic, and other tools.


Fira is the backend and user-facing API code for Unscripted's minigame. Fira contains the utilities to read and generate minigame level data from a configuration file. It also contains the backend logic for NadiaVM, the minigame's stack-based virtual machine.

Simple Changes

Simple Changes is a dead-simple changelog format designed for parsing and ease of use. It makes use of a TOML-like syntax and makes it easy to parse. Our Python package, simplechanges, also offers a parser to let you get information for any version requested.

Ren'Py Distribution Tools

The Ren'Py Distribution Tools is a Python module that aims to make distributing Ren'Py projects easier, programmatically. Inject data into your VN's macOS property list, code sign and notarize your macOS app, and upload to by writing a simple Python script.