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The core logic of Unscripted

Unscripted Core contains the source code for most, if not all, of the logic for the game. This logic includes, but is not limited to:

  • User interface controls, themes, and splash screens
  • Credits sequencing, lexer, and display mechanism
  • Definitions for images and audio
  • Minigame frontend logic not covered by Fira
  • Open-sourced assets such as images and audio
  • Classes and logic for player data
  • Logic for build configurations

Why open-source?

I anticipate that some players and developers may want to better understand how I do some things in Unscripted or may want to contribute to the project to catch any bugs. I want to make Unscripted a place to go to learn new things and try out what's available with Python and Ren'Py just like how I did when making mods for DDLC, so I've decided that I will be open-sourcing some core utilities and modules inside of the game itself known as the Unscripted Core.

- Captain's Devlog: May-June 2020

Getting started

To get started, clone this repository into a Ren'Py project or Unscripted mod in the core folder. The files will automatically be compiled with Unscripted.


Unscripted Core is still under heavy development and the overall structure/inner workings of the project will change over time.

Installing dependencies

Unscripted Core (and the game, subsequently) rely on some Python packages to operate properly. The required dependencies are listed in requirements.txt.

To install these dependencies, run the following*:

pip install -r path/to/core/requirements.txt --target game/python-packages


Unscripted is currently built with Ren'Py 7.3.5, which requires that these packages be Python 2-compatible. Run the pip command in a Python 2 environment, either from your system or the provided Python environment in Ren'Py.