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Custom Statements

Unscripted Core introduces a few custom statements to make managing the game easier. This document is a running list of the statements added and their arguments, respectively.

musiclayer push track_name channel

Push a given track to the specified audio channel, with respect to the music channel. If the music channel is playing, the music layer will determine where the audio position is and play the file from that point. Fades are automatically applied.

  • track_name: The filepath or audio definition to play in the given channel.
  • channel: The audio channel to play the track in.

musiclayer pop channel

Pop the current track from the specified audio channel. Fades are automatically applied.

  • channel: The audio channel to stop playing music from.

puzzle number

Run the minigame puzzle with the corresponding level number. If disable-minigame is present in the arguments manifest or "Enable minigame experience" in user settings is disabled, this command will effectively do nothing.

  • number: The level number to run, starting from 0.