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This module contains some basic utilities to locate Ren'Py distributables and to find the macOS version of a VN.

deprecated(message: str = "")

Mark a function as deprecated.

This is used as a decorator to mark some functions as deprecated without needing to import warnings repeatedly. The function that uses the decorator will be called but will display a deprecation warning with a supplied message.


  • message (str): The message or reason for deprecation. Defaults to a generic statement generated by the function's name.


  • warnable (Callable): The function with a warning wrapper.

file_exists(directory: str = os.getcwd(), item: str = '') -> Optional[str]

Determine whether a file exists in a certain directory.


This function is being deprecated in favor of the utilities provided in the os module.


  • dir (str): The directory to search in.
  • item (str): The item to search for in the directory. Returns:
  • fname (str): File name if it's found or None if it doesn't find anything

verify_built_files(directory: str = os.getcwd()) -> Optional[str]

Determine if the Ren'Py distributions have been built already by looking for the -dists directory.

This function will check if the directory exists in itself.


This function is no longer supported.

Args: - dir (str): The directory to search.

Returns: - isdir (bool): Whether the directory exists or not.

find_mac_build(directory: str) -> bool

Determine whether the macOS builds have been created.


This function is no longer supported.

Args: - dir (str): The directory to search in

Returns: - isfile (bool): Whether the macOS ZIP file exists.