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Ren'Py distributions made easier

The Ren'Py Distribution Tools is a Python module that aims to make distribution of Ren'Py visual novel projects easier by automating it with Python utilities and classes.

Getting Started

Quick Start: Install via PyPI/Poetry

To install via PyPI:

pip install renpy-distribute-tools

Or, if you're using a Poetry project, just add the dependency:

poetry add renpy-distribute-tools

What's included

The Ren'Py Distribution Tools set comes with utilities that make it easy to do the following:

  • Modifying a visual novel's Info.plist with an identifier and copyright field.
  • Code-signing the visual novel binaries in the Mac app with entitlements.
  • Creating a ZIP copy of the Mac app and sending it to Apple's notarization servers.
  • Verifying the status of a notarization request.
  • Stapling the notarization ticket to a macOS app.
  • Publishing content to