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Build Configuration

Unscripted Core uses a build configuration file to handle versioning, channels, and enabling/disabling specific files in the game. This configuration, build.toml, should live in the root of the game's files. When Unscripted runs, it will read from this file and store the configuration in a Python dictionary uconf.

The following is a document that outlines all of the possible fields and information inside the build configuration file.


The build configuration file is still a work-in-progress. Fields and information may change over time.


The info section controls the versioning information and release channels for the game. There are two primary keys used in the info section of the build file:

  • version - Defines the game's version, such as 1.2.3. This is exposed here to allow easy manipulation in external processes such as CI deployments.
  • channel - Defines the release channel. Typically, there are two channels used: "stable" and "beta". If the game is started via the Ren'Py SDK, the channel is set to "canary".
version = "1.2.3"
channel = "stable"


The features section controls what features are enabled in the game by default. The following keys exist in the features section:

  • enable_dreams - Whether the Dreams modding functionality should be enabled.
  • enable_minigame_adv_mode - Whether to enable the minigame's advanced mode. This does not turn the feature on, but it allows for the option to exist in the game.
enable_dreams = false
enable_youtrack_link = true
enable_minigame_adv_mode = true


The labs section controls experimental features. There currently is a single key, current, which contains a list of strings for the experiments that will be enabled in the game.

current = [


The analytics section controls the features for the bug reports and analytics data.

  • enable_bug_reports - Whether or not to show the bug report links in the game menu. Replaces enable_youtrack_link in features.
  • survey_link - Defines the survey link at the end of the game. If this key is included, a prompt will appear at the end of the game that encourages players to take a survey about the game.
  • links - Defines the bug reporting links. This dictionary should contain fields for the stable and beta release channels.
enable_bug_reports = true
survey_link = ""

stable = ""
beta = ""


The Discord section controls the Rich Presence feature in the game. There are two keys present:

  • enable_rpc - Whether the Rich Presence client should be enabled.
  • client_id - Defines the Discord Rich Presence client's ID. This client must contain the images necessary for the game.
enable_rpc = true
client_id = "000000000000000000"


The demo section controls different aspects of the demo version of the game.

  • demo - Whether this build is a demo release.
  • demo_max_count - Defines the maximum number of chapters that should be accessible in the game.
  • demo_bundle_core - Whether the game should make an archive containing the source code to the Unscripted Core.
demo = false
demo_max_count = 6
demo_bundle_core = false